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Authoreducator, entrepreneur,

corporate executive and golfer.


Life is a journey

without GPS."



Eurice E. Rojas, a dynamic and visionary leader featuring a compelling career as a golf professional, an entrepreneur, an executive in the tobacco and health care industries, and author. 


A first-generation Cuban-American with a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. He brings a unique blend of expertise, creativity and strategic thinking to everything he does. His unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has made him a standout figure in business, and sports.


Eurice possesses a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago and a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.


In Out of the Rough: The Cuban Revolution and its Effect on Golf, Eurice takes readers on an intriguing journey sharing a personally unique perspective of the Cuban Revolution. His story describes his father’s relationship with Fidel Castro (revealing personal, never before published pictures of his father with a young Castro), his family’s political persecution and their eventual escape from Cuba. 

More than a history lesson, it’s a captivating story of how a young boy survived the streets of New York City, developed an unlikely passion for the sport of golf, and unsuccessfully pursued a career on the professional golf tour circuit. 


Through real-life “behind the ropes” sketches, readers get an inside look at the aspiring golf tour pro experience and how Eurice converted his golf skill set to launch a successful career on the shadow golf tour that exists within corporate America. 

Through it all, Out of the Rough serves as a powerful tribute to the tenacity of the human spirit and the profound impact of sports in transforming lives.

I hope you enjoy my first book,

and others to come.


Eurice Rojas explodes on the literary scene with his brilliantly written Out of the Rough: The Cuban Revolution and its Effect on Golf. He didn’t escape from 111th Street in New York City, he evolved because of his experiences in that harsh environment. Rojas’ description of growing up a Cuban refugee and his family’s near-tragic escape adds to this remarkably captivating explanation of Fidel Castro’s rise to power. His dissection of the amateur golf world takes the reader on a roller coaster ride which is both entertaining and unforgettable.”


-Louis Romano,                      

Award Winning Author

Compelling, entertaining and inspiring! The personal and historical details the author shares about his father’s unique relationship with Fidel Castro and their harrowing escape from Cuba are insightful and captivating, It is also an amazing story of how a kid from New York City develops an improbable relationship with the sport of golf, ultimately creating a successful corporate golfing career that is revealing, funny and thought provoking. Out of the Rough is a testament to the human journey, and an absolutely fascinating read for golfers and the historically curious.”


-Kent Smith,

PGA Certified Professional


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